Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Taking a Break from Insanity of America's Transformation

I've had a few emails asking where I'm at? (ok- only 2)

I have been taking a break for quiet awhile.

The corrupt jackboot Democratic Congress and Senate shoving down our throats a constitutionally defective stranglehold on freedom to choose, and forcing this Federal mandated cradle to grave Enslavement to Government Cost Effectiveness Act, was just to much for me.

If at first you don't succeed - bribe bribe, bribe again.

Needed a break from the Obama Cold War transformation of our Country.

For a man with words such as - "What I will not ALLOW" - Obama has shown time and again that he could care less what Americans want, think, or need.

It's all about what Obama will allow. It's all about Obama and his philosophy.

Look to those you surround yourself with for the character of the man.
Only progressives, globalist, Marxist, communist, socialist, anti-capitalist, and radicals are recruited for Obama's "change" tank.

Obama's fundamental transformation of America by America hating fundamentalists.

Thank goodness for all of those who haven't taken a break and will not ALLOW Obama's 'change' without a fight.


Anonymous said...

A wise man once said – If you can’t identify the problem, you can’t find the solution.

Once again, our radical president shows that he is incapable problem solving and unable to break free from his Alinsky-Ayers-Wright-ACORN foundation.

And, once again, ""He puts America at Risk"".

He should be Arested and Hung for High Crimes and "TREASON"!!

greybeard said...

Hiya Cap!
Thanks for dropping in.
I feel the 'problem'; even if I can't express it or identify it as foriegn and wrong.
There are so many every day that one can't keep up.
The solution is to get rid of the lot of them.

I have never seen a more corrupt pak of power jackels than the infiltration of these destructive anti-American organizations into our government [ Tides, Institute for Policy Studies, Democratic Socialists of America , ACORN, SEIU, New Party, the Apollo Alliance etc] and these 'sleepers' in Congress who layed in wait for one such as Obama and gang affiliates to activate and fund them.

Treason INDEED!

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