Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Obama challenges the just-say-no crowd

Obama, regarding what he calls the Party of NO: "For all the things we've gotten done despite the unified, determined opposition of one party, imagine how much farther we could have gotten if I'd gotten a little help," he said.

Obama challenges the 'just say no crowd' to explain WHY doing nothing would be better for America.

Well I am a part of the American "just say no crowd".

In fact I am part of the "just say HELL NO" crowd because we certainly can imagine how much further Obama could have gotten without opposition.

What we need is more obstruction to Obama's transformation. Not Less.

I made a Hell NO list once that I could add much more to in determined opposition.

I will not have children being indoctrinated and modified in our schools.

I won't join the ranks of any Obama unionized proletariat working party.

Take Obama's, to each his ability capped, job and shove it.

My grandchild will not be forced into Americorps brown shirt servitude.

My freedom of speech and information will not be controlled by leftist localism.

My Constitution will not be changed without Amendment.

My path to information will not be stifled and silenced by threats of government retribution.

I will not be forced by Government to participate in a socialist health Ponzi scheme.

I will not be nudged into government behavioral modifications and taxed for my Pepsi sins.

I will no longer give up freedom for security.

I will not belong to the Global new World order.

I will not be dictated to by UN standards.

I will not agree to Obama's decree of too little government.

I will call a terrorist a terrorist.

I will never trade liberty in for what's good for me decreed and controlled by government.

I will not surrender choices.

My right to bear arms is my protection from invasion of tyranny.

My right to fail is my learning process.

My ability to succeed or fail is self-determination and not regulation.

I am an individual and not a brothers keeper of a collective body.

I will not participate in the Marxist brick by brick removal of capitalism and the opened pathway to communism.

I will call a socialist a socialist.

I will be judged by U.S. Law and not International or Sharia Law.

International climate change agreement controlling Financial markets thru global government must not be signed.

Diversity does not mean that my own differences and objections will not be tolerated.

I will no longer fear any label that allows political correctness to silence me.

I will not have Czars with UN_American values transforming America.

I will no longer be fooled by the words "social justice".

I will not have a President who is dishonest about where he is taking America.

I share sacrifice with those whom I choose, I will spread the wealth through consumerism...If I want redistribution I will go to a garage sale.

The one thing Obama said that is certainly accurate is that if he had just a little more help: ..."we'd be in a deeper world of hurt."


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