Friday, May 28, 2010

Do Politicians have any Right to Boycott Arizona?

Do Sacramento Politicians have any Right to Boycott Arizona?
Does Los Angeles?
Does Seattle?
Does Boston?

Where does any municipal, city, county, state, city council or public employee of the taxpayer get the authorization to decide that THEIR personal political ideologies can foster a unilateral interstate commerce strike on Arizona and upon private US citizens?

Nobody asked for my vote. Did they ask you?

On the other hand 70% of the Arizona citizens beg for relief from the anarchy taking place in their state from the effects of an open border.

Think how easy it would have been for Obama to raise his chin high and say he "understands their frustration" and he would be sending help to Arizona to uphold his oath of office to defend the laws of this nation.
Instead the Democrats in Congress refused Senator McCains request to send 6,000 troops to secure the border.
A president takes an oath to uphold laws and keep our borders secure.
Obama has not kept his oath.
Obama turned this security issue into a political response which fueled racial discord and division instead.
When asked he could not even respond that a 'boycott' of Arizona was wrong.

This guy continues to be the divider and not the uniter.


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