Monday, September 28, 2009

Baucus Obamacare Bill: Participate or pay $25000 Fine and 1-Year in Jail

Obama's national monopoly board - do not pass go - go directly to jail and/or pay 25,000 fine. That ole community chest card can really derail your ole choo-choo sometimes.

If they don't get you with the 1900 fine for not getting into the obama ponzi redistribution health plan, then they get you by using the IRS to fine you $25,000 smackaroos and/or 1 year in jail -
-best you hope for a conservative judge at your sentencing.

Anyone who has an IRS fine, penalty, and interest bill, can tell you that you will never become free of serving the state.

Want to explain to the 14.9 million unemployed (tryin to figure out how to put food on a table for their kids) how they are suppossed to pay you bloody leechs to stay out of jail?

Where in our constitution does it say or imply that the Feds have the right, duty, or function, to force people to purchase health care?

This bills pay, or Pay tidbit of choice leaked out when Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) received a handwritten note Thursday from Joint Committee on Taxation Chief of Staff Tom Barthold confirming the penalty for failing to pay the up to $1,900 fee for not buying health insurance.

Wanna bet it will also still be a $3,800 fine for a family?

Is it any wonder that the dem's voted against allowing Time in giving the public 72 hours to read the bill online? The democrats don't even want lawmakers to have time to read the bill.

What happened to Obama's, erm, transparent promise to put bills online for 5 days?

Seeing right through the St. Obama halo is not allowed.

Although insurance companies do need reform, especially our doctors making our health choices, the gov plan takes even more doctor/patient/ choices away via cost saving sub section Deny this, and sub-sub section Not-covered that.

The healthy pay to take care of the sick.

So the healthy become the Provider.

Choose the deductible plan you can afford, that covers none of the things you actually come down with, and you'll have to pay even more out of pocket costs. Ever open a 'balance-billing' envelope when you thought you were covered? So don't forget that government supplemental plan you still can't afford either.

A government clerk will decide whether your health treatments are cost effectively 'worth' covering.

Sounds like insurance business as usual.

Not a whole lot of new reformation there - other than - I can't think of an insurance company that CAN fine me 25,000 dollars, or have me jailed, for non- payment of my policy or for canceling my coverage.

What was that crime again? Mandatory socialist resister?
Career health evader? Three strikes health protester? Share the draft care dodger?

Now remember, if you make $187,000 a year you too can have health insurnace just like the bill readers in Congress have!
Tell you what, send you're PaY Czar over here and sign me up for your salary and I'm sure I could then afford health insurance.

Get it? Cost! Affordabilty! Not Force. Not Fines.

Why does our whole Health Care System need to be socialy revamped, costing trillions, while a one page change to 3 or 4 under, or over, regulated areas to lower free market costs is all that is neccessary?

And what is the HURRY that these democrats can't take (what Baucus says would take) 2weeks to rewrite the Finance Committes Health Bill in legaleese? and put it online?

What is this get it passed NOW HURRY all about? Afterall each of these bills had within them this Obama sticker that provided the bill/s wouldn't even take effect til after the 2012 elections; in 2013.

Why 2013?
What's the Hurry?

Well there's the 2010 elections coming that could 'change' the Democrat's power position, in both houses, and cripple their chance of pulling off this, and other, radical transformations of America.

You know there's more in the bill they don't want you to know about. You know Obama's fabrications effecting peoples "keep your Doctor, keep your plan" would be exposed before election time if instrumented today.

And then there was Olympia Snowes (R) comment: - "If it takes two more weeks, it takes two more weeks. We're talking about trillions of dollars in the final analysis. What is the rush?"

What I didn't hear (and I waited, stuck here tryin to roll doubles to get out of jail) is anyone in the media commenting on Olympia Snowe's words: " We're talking about trillions of dollars in the final analysis..."

Really?? I thought it was a new and improved 856 billion?

The Democrats KNOW it's wrong. They know it's bad news. They know from Town Halls and Tea Parties, and the infoBlogs, that they can not give the information toting mobs the time to tell the public what is in store for them.

POLLS are up to 56% against Obamacare; 68% of seniors are against the health care bill/s.

Democrats have decided that they don't represent the people.

If they can't get the majority to quietly surrender, and agree to their demands, then they threaten to nuke the people into involuntary submission by the force of 50, fine us into subdued compliance, and jail non willing participants too negotiate from their knees.


So much for freedoms. So much for choice. There goes Liberty.

If the restructuring continues on the path of the last ten months without continued exposure and resistance, Obam will one day stand with that, I am the one we have been waiting for smirk on his face and be able to say...
"This is not the America that I remember..."

Yes, the CPUSA and the dreams of Obama's whole Hope pack await that day.

All of you traitor transformation lawmaking sob's need to Stuff your 'change'.

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