Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama's Cap and Trade: $1,761 dollar Postage Stamp

Remember Obama telling us that the Cap n Trade bill would cost us "the same as a postage stamp per day?" (find video) and Henry Waxman saying it would cost 40 cents a day? (find video or statement)
[ WOW! CBS had a story? - Some good figures here . ]

Did Obama appoint a Treasury Business czar?? The transparency in this Treasury report has been redacted in many 'costs' areas. Why? Doesn't look like inter-agency memos to me. What cost figure are we not supposed to know about? Would they redact 48 cents a day?

excerpt from Treasury report:

..."it will raise energy prices and impose annual costs on the order of ...shhhhhhhhhhhh.hh... dollars."

If you can see right through that loooooooong redact dollar box - then I guess you could call it transparency.

Remember Obama saying 95% of you will get a tax break...

He must have meant payroll tax, right? Cause everything else on the table is going to be taxed no matter your income.

Glenn Beck just showed a Department of Treasury letter which stated that Cap n Trade would cost up to 200 BILLION a year... costing you $1,761 bucks a year, or a 15% tax hike (don't forget to add that to your mandatory $3,800 basic free health plan now, or that fat tax on your Pepsi and cupcakes ...etc etc )

Kind of reminds you of the CBO report that says Obama's 900 Billion dollar health plan is way off...and a couple trillion off in second decade. But instead of health care not costing a dime (or $3,800 min a year, or pay your fine) this one will only cost us 40-48 cents.

Better run down and buy up all those "forever stamps" while they are still under 2 grand.


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