Sunday, September 13, 2009

What Bill? There is no Bill! -- Talking Pinhead Propagandists

We've been told over and over what the Health Plan is all about by Obama and crew -

YET, the Obama bobing TV heads response, (include O'Rielly in this case) to people's townhall anger, over and over is - people's reaction is so ridiculous. What BILL? There is no bill! Nothing has been passed - there is no bill. What's this mobs problem?

Yes, these ARE bills - they may not be LAW yet, but these are BILLS.

The architects and pundits would like everyone to shut up and go home because they say the people have no basis for an argument with bills not yet set in concrete.

I see, so the thousands of pages they have written up can not, therefore, be questioned until after they have actually passed their, therefore, unopposed bill into law?

Gee, nobody complained. Government controlled health care must be what the people want.

Nothing inside these 'reform' bills, written and scheduled for law, would change without opposition.

Despite the misdirection to change the way people understand this issue one of my questions would be - - if this is a no bill-bill, (just practicing our penmanship, folks) and nothing in them is by design what the Obama SD leftist Party actually propose in them to be law, then how the hell does Obama come up with his 900 Billion dollar price tag?

A tally for how much 'it' will cost without an already structured material list?

Think about it.


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