Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mandatory health care: All aboard the Obama Progressive-Marx-Express

Fines proposed for going without health insurance.

WASHINGTON – Americans would be fined up to $3,800 for failing to buy health insurance under a plan that circulated in Congress on Tuesday.

It would require insurers to take all applicants, regardless of age or health. But smokers could be charged higher premiums. And 60-year-olds could be charged five times as much for a policy as 20-year-olds.

Now there's an affordable health Care Reform program for you.

Aren't the smokers, who can't get covered, already paying for Children's health care through taxes?

Now here's a thought...hum, if smokers can't afford to get covered, or show up uncovered, who pays to cover the uncovered? Do our premiums continue to go up as they do now for the uncovered? And, if you are an Old smoker do you have to pay 10 times more than a 20-year-old smoker? What if you're a 30 year old second hand smoker?

So many questions and so little time.

Well, sigh, at least I will stop hearing from these people who have the belief that health care will be FREE.

Oh yes, the rich will pay for us...

Oh they will pay alright - until they decide, like a company moving overseas, that they can get the same service cheaper somewhere else.

Ok, that was just a very bad example, slap me, since the rich -elite- and Government won't be forced into the same system as those of us who don't want it. At least not the 'mandatory' it.

They really don't seem to understand that at a $3,800 dollar fine I could go out and get coverage right now.

I can't afford it, you blooming elite idiots.

The problem is it is too expensive - it's a simple matter of economics - I make X amount of dollars a month that pay my Bills, pay other mandatory entitlements, provide for necessities such as FOOD. I don't spend dollars on things I can't afford because it's just not in the budget - and I just don't have a printing press or anything China might want.

If you actually Had an extra magical $316.66 a month appear, after this shove down your throat obamacare, that would mean a couple of things would have to occur:

- your employer would have given you a 2 dollar an hour raise (2x8x20)
- and , he/she also had to give Everyone he/she employs a minimum 2 buck an hour raise who is uncovered.

But wait again - I forgot, you have to subtract for State N federal taxes:
- so now you still don't actually have the $316 you need...
Did I forget Social Security? yes-

....so let's make a long shorted payroll story short...
- You either need to get a better paying job somehow.
- get a second or third job, somehow.
- get a raise of over THREE dollars and hour for health entitlements and not 2.
- give yourself a raise.
- decide what doesn't get paid.
- buy less and less, including foods. (that will feed the economy,eh?)
- join obama's civilian army
- or pay a fine.

Isn't it great how many choices you have??

Choice is good!

Where would you be without a government freedom exchange pool of choice?

Don't worry so much though cause some will be able to get help thru tax Credits - I love the philosophy of tax credits, don't you? - we're gona let you deduct what you already can't afford, and don't actually have in your pocket, that you can subtract from the other 6 months of taxation.

And then, they tell us, there are the lowest income who we will give supplemental subsidies too.

So what changed the low income status of non-paying health users to being a payer? Oh, that's' right - these supplemental subsidies. Dollars that the gov takes from other paying people's care dollars (the haves) and give those dollars to those who aren't paying now (the have-not's) so they can afford to pay now.

Isn't that the same thing that occurs now without all the extra supplement paperwork?

People not paying their medical bills are blamed for skyrocketing health care costs and premiums that we all have to cover now...presumably the idea is the poorest will be covered and paying their own care (so long as their malady is cost effective) with other's pyramid dollars that paid their way in.

All things being equal- they still aren't paying for their own care.

And your costs haven't gone down!

Talk about bamboozle.

And how are they going to force you to pay into this system?
Well one thing is they indicate that they will attach your Bank accountants (this of course is to capture any of those couch tomatoes, or 15 million unemployed, that they couldn't get their hands on thru payroll)

Hey, and just try telling this leech bureaucracy, when you are layed off, to lay off your bank account.

Good luck!

Then there is the intrusion into your IRS tax records to make sure you are actually an honest volunteer.

And why is it they'd need to know how much your income is thru IRS if you get to CHOOSE whatever plan you want, or keep the one you have?

Slap me, the tiny slippery step would be of course so they can figure out how much to Fine you. Do you want interest with those fries?

Of course, those paying for their chosen insurance plan won't be subject to IRS data intrusion, right?

Bly me- did I forget to mention with all this red tape (no pun) that the government bureaucratic workforce and paperwork will not decrease as they've told us?

Isn't part of the billions in savings they've told us they'll get, to pay for this trillion dollar plan, is to reduce paperwork?

Taking from one paperwork group to give to another group who are examining health treatment requests to decide whether or not they are cost-effective and can be approved for payment....(is it true Marxism if they take from the smaller paperwork group to give to the bigger paperwork group?)

Shudder. I can almost imagine standing in a DMV kind of line for my doctor appointment. Here's your paid-up registration tag, show it to your doctor and have him call me in the morning.

But back to your employer - who does he have to get rid of to cover all these higher wages?

Best count n save your Acorns, son.

Ain't socialism sweet?

Your budget is being hijacked and steered into the typical government bankruptcy formula. Spend what you don't have.

If my MS calculator typed letters instead of numbers it'd probably say, KMA.

The other thing that this fine signals to all insurance companies is a threshold that they now know that they can charge you...

People's choices Will be to pay a fine of $3,800 for a family and not be covered at all.
- or op into a government plan @ $316 a month, plus or minus. (3,800 divided by 12)
- pay an insurance company this base signaled threshold, plus plus plus
- And any of which, we all know, will be a bare minimum of coverage not including co-pays, deductibles, and that wondrous 20% Not-Covered EXTRA secondary plan you'll need to pay for.

Where in any of this is 'affordable' addressed?

CHOICE. Right.

Shared-sacrifice. Right.

Penalties for failing to get insurance would start at $750 a year for individuals and $1,500 for families. (You know that will go up every year) Households making more than three times the federal poverty level — about $66,000 for a family of four — would face the maximum fines. For families, it would be $3,800, and for individuals, $950.

Now I can also tell the people who seem to think the gov health plan is only going to cost them 50 bucks a month (they heard this on a liberal radio station) that they are still nuts.

My choice is to pay my doctor 60 dollars for my ONE doctor visit every 5-6 years.

Do the math.

I'm my 'families' keeper first - anything to do with being my brother's keeper would be my charitable choice, not a government mandate.

And while I'm between beer breaks - How funny is -"And we're agona force insurance companies to provide care for "PRE-existing conditions". Now aren't we precious?

Sure they will- and the insurance company will simply tell me; "Son, we have to cover you so here is your $4,000 dollar a month option...btw, are you over 60?"

Are these socialized medicine spinners slick or what?

Then we have this newest Demo income brainstorm to help pay for this reformed government health spun take over.
The complex plan would make dozens of changes in the health care system, many of them contentious. For example, it includes new fees on insurers, drug companies, medical device manufacturers and clinical labs.

To TAX Insurance Companies? - (will a gov competitive Plan be taxed?)
But here's the beauty of these social econ-brainiacs...you know, the same ones who are taking 500 million from those seniors who are covered by a broke gov health plan to cover costs for those healthier people who don't yet have a broke gov health plan. I couldn't make this up. It just keeps getting better.

[9/09/09: Niel Cavuto just said the Insurance FEE is 6 Billion.]

What happens in any industry when Costs and fees go up - and a TAX?
The Insurance company will simply raise your premiums and deductibles and cover less - DoH.
Drugs aren't expensive enough already? Testing labs and their machines will cost more because of raised fees. Creating regulations to increase costs, not lower them.

So where exactly are these drafted health plan savings again? Best to ask Ezekiel, the Obama Rationing Undertaker.

And what happens if they don't get their complete cost saving human factor?

Dun-dun-duuuuun... in circuitous steps they get their plan anyway (by stacking the tax-fee-based regulated deck of industry failure) by applying the Olympia-Pelosi Trojan 'trigger'.

Progressive social engineering at it's finest.

Btw, who the hell does this Olympia Snowe think she is anyway - Arlen Specter?

Moderate Republican my ass!

The bottom line is, nothing they are doing is too make health care affordable for anybody.

instead - it's a Marxist 'yes we can' restructuring of America. One movement tool is the social eugenics-boxcar-express.



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