Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama WAS a "New Party MEMBER": a "Party within a Party".

I have wanted to write on Obama's link to the Marxist New Party and to the socialist DSA and just can't get to it... there's just so much to try to keep up with. Fortunately hundreds of others are on top of Mr. Obama and his Wiley ways of shrugging off his bogus past as just conservative lies and Internet noise.

Having seen on other sites that there is a New Party web page showing Obama was a MEMBER (and not just an unaware 'candidate' supported by a left wing socialist group)I tried to find a page that stated MEMBER of- not just the words 'candidate' - but MEMBER.

Keep in mind I had seen copies of such pages at other sites but I always like to try to find my own and confirm the root source.

Links at other pages listed at many websites:

Well there is no speculation - he was a MEMBER.

I'd like to write up paragraphs of what this New Party goals are but most has been said everywhere else. I read a lot that they have gone belly-up in 1990. Not so, active in 2008 minimum.
In order to build an organizational and financial base the NP sponsored house parties...house parties- Ayers- house parties- Obama - hummm - do you think?

The one thing I don't find much anywhere is their written goals to infiltrate the Democratic party and build a coalition of a "party within a party". (re-find the link on their site that explains their infiltration techniques using the Democratic party voting base to get their own (small d) members in.)

...a "party within a party".

Look around - this they (and similar octapie) have done starting nearly 2 decades ago with school boards, city councils, county boards, and have moved right up the elective ladder. There is a very long list in nearly every State of their victories. (upload list and put in url here) Obama is on their member list. If you have a problem with that you should take a look at who's sitting on your child's school board.

Why I'm getting this done today is because once again there was a concerted effort to erase Obama's background, as has been done on so many websites, that once carried information detrimental to Obama's history.

If you go to archive.org (using IE) and input www.newparty.org and then open Feb 05 97 what you then get when you click on the What's New! Link is a BLANK page .
If you don't want to go through those motions go direct here...

Internet Explorer returns a blank page, yes?

Now, using the same url but using Firefox you get a not so blank page that looks something like this instead:

N e w  P a r t y

A Fair Economy.   A Real Democracy.   A New Party

phone: 1-800-200-1294

227 West 40th Street,
Suite 1303
NY, NY 10018

Site maintained by: np-tech@nettexas.com

© 1996, The New Party

The blank whats_new.html page using Internet Explorer made me scratch my head - maybe it was my version 7? Reboot?

So I opened Firefox and got something completely different, as shown above.

innocent looking ...nothing here- go away.

wth? so I opened the SOURCE and there the page content was. The html was being blocked from being loaded.

Skimming down the contents of the Source, you can see the html urls that would have been links on the mal-jacked whats_new.html page...had it been allowed to loaded up.

Sooo much obscured transparency with this Obama and his pals, eh?

In your browser address box - remove whats_new.html and tack on too the end of the url octup.html or elections96.html found in the Source... and the hidden links that you would have seen on the what's new page... loads up.

According to google the following urls may be the first urls anywhere on the net; I doubt that. Hyper-Links may be out there under the guise of 'click HERE'. But it's possible. Hey, maybe Wikipedia will put Obama back on the New Party list now. Doubtful too.


Illinois: Three NP-members won Democratic primaries last Spring and face off against Republican opponents on election day: Danny Davis (U.S. House), Barack Obama (State Senate) and Patricia Martin (Cook County Judiciary.


NP member and State Senate candidate Barack Obama won uncontested.

So as I mentioned way up there somewhere this is nothing new as far as the text...I just wanted to show a of couple web pages that had been hidden.


update 1/12/10: octup.html -- elections96.html checking again and these 2 hidden/removed pages are unreported still.


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