Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obama's Communist Advisor Resigns!: Van Jones 0 - Beck n America 1

... Saturday - September 5th 2009...FOX reports:
Van Jones, Obama's communist Green jobs Czar, Resigns.

That's ONE for Americans!

You can tell from his resignation text that he probably used the words in the letter as they were actually told to him (as he joined all of the past Obama unnnnnnnn-conscious-wee-weed-bus-pavement-jockeys) - Sorry, we just have no way... to expend precious time and energy defending or explaining YOUR past.
You know if you don't resign that these opponent mob ass***** will keep digging' til they find out we actually knew all about you clear back to your radical Oakland days. (Opps Valerie!) You have to go, but we'll see to your benefits retirement package, health care just like we elite get, and we'll make sure to continue funneling shadow funds to your various commie organizations thru our Acornish sub-orgs.
Take one for the flipper! Hail ' O ', Comrade!

IF Obama didn't actually give this anti-capitalistic racist communist his walking papers then one would have to continue to ask - why not?

Can't wait for the LINDA DOUGLASS disinformation video!!!

...and to the republic for which it stands...Thank you Glenn Beck - and all others.

Now for the rest of the nest.


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