Friday, September 25, 2009

Obama's Teacher Goons go to far: Keep it in your own Home


These messiah worshiping teachers are in our schools indoctrinating young minds. Preparing them for Bammies youth groups and future Soros owned democrats.

Videos of corporations as a symbol of a military tank that are bigger than your government - the job of the government is to take care of you. Corporations are toxic. Don't become a part of the greed 'problem'. Consuming is bad. Affluence is bad. Capital is bad.

Make no mistake; Propaganda is what it is all about. Indoctrination. Forming the young mind politically. Capitalism versus Serving.

...“That’s when the saturation process begins.”

The job of the government is not to take care of you.

In Russia maybe...and...Dear, proletariat, how'd that toxic collective work out for you? Got bread?

These touchy-feely language police have changed the textbooks in our schools so history has been re-written to define America as a terrible place with all it's where have I heard that before? Oh, yes, from the One who stands in front of foreign countries and apologizes for our history.

These children, who have no idea what is occurring, are simply signing a song taught to them.
That's not the teacher's motive though. You can be sure they won't be taught to sing Jingle Bells or Silent Night and will never see a manger in the school.

Negative American views, political views, sexual views, have no place in our k-12 schools.

It is bad enough that 70% of our young people in universities are saturated by liberal-socialist-Marxist-commie-luving professors whose primary existence is to teach bitterness and rebellion and frame a structure of old glory destruction.

I heard a lady tonight say that even if you home school that your child will not get credit unless your child reads 2 male penguins doing the backdoor tango.

Leave our kids alone!!

When is this BS going to stop?

Tolerance of the intolerant has moved the pendulum of freedoms til the concept is nearly out of reach.

Barack Hussein Obama - Mmmmm-Mmmm-Mmmmm -

Transformation in progress.

The principle of this school in New Jersey was asked if she would do it again and she said she would.

There is no inoculation- no escape of the L1d1 disease- Until we get rid of the lot from the bottom up, and the Top down.

[Make no mistake. There are republicans who have sold out freedom and liberty and our children's future to keep a buck coming into the reelect til. Ask McCain about his own Soros bucks. Ask Bush about grooming the bailout way for Barack's social institutional take-over agenda.]

We must put some sanity back in our schools. The fourth "R" - reformation - has to go.

America has become a land where liberals demand our children stop saluting the flag, under god, while demanding that they must have the freedom to piss on it.

Their definition of Liberty is without standards of value, honor, respect, integrity, or pride.

We must start taking our country back from those who hate her, and from those who teach our kids to hate her as well.


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