Friday, September 25, 2009

NEW PARTY Alive n Well: Oganism to re Organization

I tried building this in a web page builder and moving the Tables here- but just can't get tables to work- so had to make an image of it.
Clicking on the below image will take you to a larger image that can be read and cross referenced. I did the best I could by trying to use COLORS to show the connections in the various 'fronts'.

What I had tried to show here, by doing searches for street addresses- or telephone numbers- in some cases email (though I didn't show them here) is that one begins to see a pattern emerge.
Same addresses for different Organizations.
Old familiar names now running new species of the same stripe.

The pattern I wanted to show in this case is that the New Party is still alive and well- they are simply operating under NEW Names with the same old management pushing the same non-dead 'fusion' platform and issues.

image by greybeard

I have more Organizations (Democracy Summer etc.) that I could add to these connections but this is probably sufficient to show the Links from one to the other/s.
The one thing I will be adding are url's (one here) of several docs I saw yesterday (4 I think) showing that ACORN/WFP (Bertha Lewis if I recall)is paying New Party's Verizon phone Bill.
Also of note that makes me scratch my head - the payments to some entity called NYOSCI seems to be a huge recipient of 'rent' (wonder why it costs so much with so many organisms in the same office). Maybe that explains why the 'rent' payment seems to be different payment amount evertime. Sometimes even on the same day......
Wonder if NYOSCI is anything like ACORNs Consulting Services Inc.-- bank drop box...

I'll re track down the other doc's - had to shut down yesterday and lost them.

For those webpages I read (while studying this fusion march) who say 'fusion' is dead because the Courts shot it down and so the New Party dissolved --- not so, as you see in above image --- they just put on a new mask.
And then we have Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski who signed A fusion bill into law on July 23, 2009.

Yep, Ted Kulongoski was/ a NEW PARTY member and it was pay back time to cousin Working Families Party. (refind the New Party page with Kulongoski member name on it)

From the bottom up- and from the top down.


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