Thursday, September 3, 2009

The people's Republic of Pelosi: the 'Trigger' heard round the liberal House

Yesterday Pelosi tells all - there will be no Bill without a 'public option' (otherwise unaffectionately known as mandatory government ponsi care)

Today Pelosi tells us that they have figured out how to pacify all House objectionists and the radical republic of the left (ever note how much 'ist' and ism's are in politics?) and may be able to pass a bill without the option by sticking a 'trigger' in the Bill that would kick in the option should health insurance companies not behave in lock-step.

A 'trigger'???

Sounds like a red and green 'Trojan horse' to me.

What is different from yesterday too today for Pelosi?

Well she also said, There will be no Bill without a public option ..."unless someone can come up with a better idea..."

So they came up with a silent obscure way to include it, dormant, lyin there waiting like an aneurysm waiting' to pop.

So much for the unrangled Swamp Queen's honest n open clean up of her house.

"The people's Republic of Pelosi" - Dick Morris September 2 2009


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