Wednesday, September 16, 2009

All the President's Czars: Republicans call for Vetting and Immediate Transparency

Blackburn Introduces Czar Resolution
Tennessean Calls For Certification Of Qualifications And Duties

Press Release [Even with a Press Release - ZERO returns - you can see the media will keep people uninformed. 8 hours later= 1; after 26 hours 2 news returns ]

"All Presidents have a right to staff their administration as they see fit within the confines of the Constitution," Blackburn said. " Where I have concerns is when a President shifts duties away from officials who are subject to Congressional oversight to those on his personal staff who are not. These aides wield extraordinary influence and the American people have a right to know who they are, why they are qualified for their jobs, what their conflicts of interest might be, and what their job descriptions are. The President has an obligation to disclose this information."

Many "czars" have already disclosed the relevant information and been subject to public scrutiny through the Senate confirmation process. Blackburn believes that all "czars" should be subject to equal disclosure and is calling on the President to disclose the same detailed information for these special advisers as he would for a nominee seeking Senate confirmation

Thank you:
Marsha Blackburn (R-Tn) - H. Con. Res. 185
Patrick McHenry (R- NC)
Paul Brown R-G)
and over 100 co-sponsors, today, are writing several bills calling for a Czar recall!
(will look for the other bill/s -- Rep. Scalise introduced the Sunset All Czars (SAC) Act, HR 3569; )

Czars write policy, and have not been vetted, and is a circumvention by Obama of the Constitutional process.

Obama must be accountable to the people for the infiltration of self-interest radicals into the positions of power that will 'change' peoples lives through non-transparency and dodging the Constitution. Our Reps must be accountable to the people for 'the changing' of America.

I believe it was McHenry (R-NC) who said about this Czar resolution, "this is in response to a cry from the people."

Resistance is working.

They may be listening at last.

Restore America to we the people.

Dismantling Obama's radical take over - one day at a time!

just heard on fox- 3:30 - that the White House has responded by "calling out" these Congressional people... will have to find the letter @ fox I guess)

update: Sep 17, 2009 - The house today voted 345-75 to totally defund ACORN.
172 dem's voted to whack the ACORN mob. That leaves the 75, who join the senate child sex slave 7.


Anonymous said...
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Ron Davis said...

That is a complete morons response! Without the caucasion vote Obama could not be the president. Whites loved the guy and put him in office. 70% of people were behind him. Expecting to silence people with accusations of racism through suppossed white guilt is getting really old. If you have an actual example of any racism towards this president I would be REALLY surprised.
Republics, Democrats, Independents, are backing away from Obama because of his policies, the radicals he is putting in power, and not because of the color of his skin.
Your unAmerican 'movement' can go to hell along with all of the institute of corruption surrounding Obama.

Tennman59 said...

Not to be negative, but what is the point if the Senate is just going to confirm them upon their lies, not really vet them, on their real views as from their books or ties to Socialists / Marxist views, org membership, or rulings!

They just confirmed Sustein, and Sotomayor.
Both nut jobs who have no business what so ever in high Gov positions in a free republic.

Likely all the czars have Socialist, Communist or Marxist ties, as does Obama, or he would not appoint them. Except for some deniability that he has a couple who are not total left wing nuts.

greybeard said...


Been a year since I've had two responses :) Welcome!

...what is the point if the Senate is just going to confirm... anyway.

So true. Ten of these czars have been confirmed by Senate. So your point is spot on. That is why you'll note in many of my opblog (rants?) that I include the Republicans for NOT protecting us from this invasion. Sunstien is a great example of a confirmed whackjob -who apparently was vetted on a coffee break? Will have to do better than that to protect ole glory.
As to the race issue- it's just used to marginalize legitimate oppossition. It usually sends people scurrying for the silenced bench. In the politicians case they fear angering a particular voting block that will take their power away - and their job. At the same time, fearful to fight back, they have given all actuall power away, anyway, along with their values and principles that make them different from the oppossition. Giving up their speech make them good men who do nothing to prevent evil.
These newest charges of racism are so over the top, baseless, race baiting BS it leaves one stunned on how the liberals can turn any one or two words into hateful speech. Incredibile.

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