Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Valley HOPE Forgot: Turn The Water Back On!

Sean Hannity is in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta valley today where farmers are standing in food lines because the radical environmentalist who control the democrats, and the liberal judges, have shut farming down.


Because they have chosen a 2 inch fish, this time, over people's lives.

Obama's Cabinet Secretaries, who have gone and looked at the delta bread basket, turned dust bowl, have gone back to Washington and done nothing. Nothing.
This acreage grows 12.8% of the US produce yet the pumps to fallow fields stay off.
- I'm a distant homeboy - and haven't even heard of this inhuman political tragedy thanks to the silent voice of these people we call the liberal media.

Once again- thanks to FOX and Sean Hannity.

The water remains turned off while the farmers are losin their land; Crops can not be planted. Orchards are withering. Employees who have worked 30 and 40 years have lost their jobs and stand in line to get food in crates from China. Some are in line @ 3 in the morning. Most start their day with a prayer. Unemployment is at 15.7 % because of pumps being controlled by the swamp house of Pelosi and friends. In some areas unemployment is 41%. You know they go to bed with prayers too.

The community food bank is feeding 30,000 people every month.

Why is this happening?

Do you mean to tell me that in the United States of America - where we've gone to the freakin' moon and build lil transformers to wheel around Mars - that we can't come up with a protective-pump that doesn't suck in a 2 inch smelt and get the water back on, and people back to producing and taking care of not only their families needs, but ours?

The canals, less than a mile away, are FILLED with water. This human tragedy is powerless against the enforcement of this liberal Democrat man-made drought.

There are few green jobs in this, now brown, valley that Obama's HOPE forgot.

The helplessness that these farmers and families must feel!

When, oh WHEN are these radical environmentalists and these philosophical biased-visioned federal judges going to be replaced by COMMON-SENCE!?!

Congress is not representing people's blood sweat tears and dignity. Humanity. Families. Economy. These X lawyers in Congress are representing a green ideological Sunstien minnow.

With Congress approval rating sliding to 27% you would think common sense might only come when people stop putting them back in office.

If they are not serving and representing our interests then replace them from the bottom -UP. That is, after all, HOW they started this radical "party within a party" take over of our system, beginning decades ago, and how we have arrived where we are now @ 'change'.
Candidates with some strict constitutional backbone might get this end-around negative regulated Interstate Commerce Clause pump turned OFF too.

These environmentalist have grown branches like an acorn who's discovered a cadillac payday in federal Funds for expansion.
What hoot-owl-fruit-fly ant-tick liberal Cause can we come up with next to suck another billion dollars out of the life, liberty, and freedom! of people by social-engineering Americans back into caves.

But I digress- as usual.

Congressman Devin Nunez (R-Ca) says Pelosi has killed 7 attempts to get the water turned back on this year. She won't allow it on the floor.

The people have written letters to Obama and he has turned nothing on, and as usual has answered to no one.

Obama's HOPE-hype seems more like tryin to wrestle out a mental kidney stone.

Do you want your food coming from China??

The people in Huron, California don't.

Somebody must, because 400,000 acres of food producing land lies dry and unseeded.

Best see who in Congress has chinese carrot stock.

How about we get someone in Congress to write up the Farmers Endangered Spiecies Act, cause it appears the threatening framework of the EPA evolution is coming to that.

We can't even go down to the rivers and fish anymore and now they want control of our fruits n veggies too? Regulated to the death of freedom of choices.

Governor Schwarchenegger says he has written many letters and has been scolded by 2 of Barry's Secretary's. Every attempt he has made to get the water turned back on has been thwarted by liberal Democrats, and liberal judges, who kow-toe to environmentalists.

Once again we get to this vicious dollar circle where politicians feed taxpayer funds to radical special interests, who then feed the dollars back to the politicians at campaign time, to put them back in office.

Schwarchenegger says he would use the "God Squad Provision", which holds PEOPLEs Lives OVER that of animals (animals that Obama's Regulatory Czar, Sunstien, wants to get lawyers for) but he said it would take years to enforce it. The provision has only been used 5 times and failed four of them.

Schwarchenegger says, this Valley shut-down will impact far more than 38 million California people - from the farm to the cannery, to the truckers, to jobs lost, and at the market across the nation.

Rob Rivett, of the Pacific Legal Foundation, (representing Jim Jasper -- a farmer for 60 years) said something like -- "to preserve liberty we must put a check on the federal government."

...not to forget for a moment, life and pursuit of happiness...

Alan Autry - a former Fresno mayor - said Pelosi wants the land for solar farms.
(Hey, Nancy, when is the last time you sat down to a candlelite dinner and ate a nice fresh savory solar panel?)

Autry went on to say: "turning this water off is not just bad politics, it's an act of domestic terror."

These folks are hard working Americans. What do they need to do to get heard? Start a village Bucket Brigade Party?

Comedian, Paul Rodriguez says, the only thing growing here is a good crop of despair!

Sean Hannity says, Mr. President- turn the water on NOW.

Informative websites regarding the delta issues:

other speakers:
Ainsley Earhardt - Fox correspondent
Inga Barks- KERN Radio AM 1180
Alan Autry- former Fresno mayor - Sign this patriot up for Congress.
Devin Nunez (R-Tulare-CA)
George Radanovich (R-CA)
Jim Costa (D-Fresno)<<- he must not be doing a bang up job- each time he spoke he was boo-ed

California's man-made drought - WSJ
Dust Bowl photo from -beetlebabee blog
Sacramento fish screening project -Family Water Alliance


mpenn566 said...

My heart goes out to the people of California who are without water. It is disgust me to know that our own government is allowing this. It is very clear to me what kind of person Nancy Pelosi is. She has blocked attempts to have water turned back on because she is looking for her own selfish gain. She doesn't care about a minnow looking fish.She doesn't even care about the people from her home state.She cares about NANCY and what NANCY can get.
It sickens me to know these are the people we are allowing to run our country.
Maria P. Steens,Ms

Anonymous said...

We need to elect people who are for the PEOPLE< BY THE PEOPLE and of the PEOPLE< not above the people. The #1 industry in California and America is farming and the liberals are destroying it. put the people first.

Anonymous said...


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